Clean Look Rimu Art Board
Clean Look Rimu Art Board

Clean Look Rimu Art Board

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Handmade from ethically sourced New Zealand Rimu, these make a great wall adornment that really lifts a room as well as being a fully usable serving platter.

The boards have a high level of finish and the oil brings out the grain of the wood beautifully. Because each board is unique the color and grain may vary from that pictured.

Rimu has a long history in New Zealand, it can live to over 1000 years old and grow up to 50m tall. Māori found a variety of uses for the wood, as spears, canoes, torches and a host of other tools and implements. The gum was also applied to wounds to stop bleeding.


Finished with a bath in food-safe mineral oil.this means the wood will stay oiled for a long time.

Care instructions: Clean your board in warm soapy water then dry, leave your board standing upright to allow for all-around air drying. Avoid storing the board in direct sunlight or on a wet surface. to oil your board we recommend using  Tung Oil. Do not wash in a dishwasher.