Information For Event planners

Hey, So your thinking about having us at your event?

Want to know more about who we are are, what we do and why we do it?

Before we get to that ill give you the short version, there are some distinct benefits to having us at your event.

•Our products are Unique, Customers love how different hey are and we love showing them and creating positive experiences for everyone we interact with.

•We work really well with even management and other stall holders and are always keen to lend a hand.

•We're trained in first aid and CPR and are happy to be added to Health and safety plans (Certificate of currency below)


Gemini Project specializes in combining unique graphic art with wood through Laser engraving, the majority our products have practical uses as serving ware as well as being hung as art. We work hard to ensure the materials we use are safe, sustainably produced and that we impact the environment in a positive way.


Feel free to use any images from our website in your promotional material.

Personal details;

Taylor Byrne

154 Vagues Road,


Christchurch 8052



First Aid Certificate